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Thief targets Raystede

Wednesday 22 August

Staff at Raystede were shocked to find that on arriving at work on the morning of 22nd August a thief had broken into the charity’s wishing well and money spinner and taken the contents which, although regularly emptied, are estimated to be in excess of £320.00. Both receptacles were damaged and locks will need to be replaced adding to the cost of the loss.

Nigel Mason, Chief Executive, said “I don’t care if it’s one pound or a thousand; it’s despicable to steal and even more so from a community charity. We receive no statutory funding and rely totally on the generosity of the general public to support our work”.

He continued, “The summer holidays are our busiest time for raising donations at our site. We are free to enter and attract many thousands of visitors, who in turn donate in good faith to our cause.  We know people are struggling to keep their pets in the current economic climate and the demands on our services have dramatically increased.  It makes this mindless theft even more distressing. I would urge anyone that may know who did this to immediately report them to the Police, they will have a significant amount of loose change to try and dispose of”.

It is believed that the theft took place around 11pm on the night of 21st August. Images of the thief have been picked up on Raystede’s extensive CCTV system and given to the Police.

To make a donation to Raystede during this particularly challenging time, please  phone 01825 840747 or via this website.

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