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Tyler - One Very Large Cat!

Saturday 27 February

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Tyler weighs in at almost 10kg!

He came to us from an indoor home where he lived with his brother. They started fighting when he was put on a diet, so now he is looking for a new home.

I can only assume that because he was an indoor cat he had little exercise and ate too much food, therefore becoming very obese.

'Indoor only' cats need a lot of extra enrichment. Obesity can be a common problem for them as well as over-attachment to their owners.

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Ideally cats should have access to the outside, they love hunting and exploring the garden. Of course sometimes it isn't safe to allow them outside, such as if you live near a busy main road. So, if you already have an indoor only cat there are some things you can do: 

Hiding food for your cats to find helps as they have had to work harder before eating. Also giving them extra play and stimulation to prevent boredom and weight gain.

Tyler is now on a strict diet.

His new adopters need to be committed to his weight loss to prevent any health issues such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. We think that he needs to be the only cat in the home to prevent any ‘stealing’ of food and he will need a slow introduction to a garden as he is not used to going outside.

Tyler will need encouragement to move about! He probably needs to lose about half his body weight. This needs to be done slowly and carefully and he should be weighed on a regular basis so that his diet can be adjusted accordingly.

Despite his weight issues Tyler has a truly lovely temprament! He is just four and a half years old, can move about by himself surprisingly well and he is a really loving, affectionate cat with a unique personality. 

Warm Regards
Jane Moore - Cattery Manager. 

Tyler is looking for his forever home. Call 01825 840252 if you would like to meet Tyler of find out more. 

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