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Urgent Appeal for Foster Carers!

Friday 8 July

Sad Daog


We rehome over 800 cats and dogs every year (as well as small animals), however some animals struggle with life at Raystede, or don’t find a home straight away. 


We do our very best to provide excellent care and a ‘home from home’ environment, but the fact remains that Raystede is a rescue centre, and isn’t designed to be a long term home. 


At any given time there are around 30 dogs in our kennels and 30 cats in our cattery. That makes for a noisy and stressful environment at times and it can be harder for certain animals to relax in these conditions. This is especially true for nervous animals and those who’ve been through trauma. 


While we are very committed to providing enrichment, we simply cannot give the level of attention that an animal would receive at home. 


Some animals become anxious / stressed or begin to exhibit unhealthy behaviours. 


What these animals desperately need is a break from the centre. They need to spend some time in a loving home where they can relax, unplug and get some TLC. 


The transformation we see when we are able to place an animal in a loving foster care home is often miraculous. Ultimately it can help us to rehome the animal to their forever home (because when they are relaxed they are also more likely to get offered a home). 


Foster care is a temporary support for these animals in need. Can you help us? 



The fostering of Raystede’s animals is usually for a few weeks, but can be up to 3 months maximum but can vary depending on the individual animal’s needs. For this time, you offer an animal a loving foster home and provide him/her with everything that an owner would. We provide all the food and equipment for your foster pet, so there is no cost to you. We also offer continued support throughout the foster period.


We've have found it works best with an adult only home and also where there are no other pets, so the animal gets full attention. For this reason currently we are only looking for animal free homes with no young children. 


Becoming a foster carer is a very rewarding, it can literally change lives. Can you help us to help them? 


Contact us the Rehoming Team on 01825 880468, or email petfostering@raystede.org


Thank you! 


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