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Urgent: Donkey Rescue

Thursday 12 March

March 2015 Digi Appeal Donkey Rescue Web HEADER

Urgent Rescue!

No Owner and Homeless – Please help us rescue Lizzy and Dolly the donkeys

Dear Friend,

Dolly And Lizzy

Lizzy and Dolly have been living in a field in Falmer, near Brighton. Their owner has just died and they have no one to offer them a home.

We desperately want to be able to offer these faithful friends the chance to come and live with the donkey herd here at Raystede, where they can live together in safety and sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

Lizzy and Dolly are both loving but nervous creatures, and when I visited them they were ever so gentle and just a little lost as to where their mum had gone.  

Lizzy is 18 and Dolly is 12, both had previously lived alone. Their late owner, had been keeping donkeys for over 40 years and brought them together. We believe that after all the changes they have been through, they deserve to stay together!

Because most of our donkey herd are in the sunset of their years, the stark reality is that it costs us £8,500 a year to meet the cost of caring for each of them with their dietary, living and veterinary needs.

Can you help us make sure that Lizzy and Dolly can live with us here at Raystede together for the rest of their lives?

Please visit this page to make a donation.

Your partner in animal welfare,

Dr Hannah Trayford
Head of Animal Welfare

PS. Please make your donation today and help us secure a happy future for Lizzy and Dolly.

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