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Volunteer Recruitment Event

Tuesday 30 April

UmeDIWtZe6s5RhyhMZEirIoGEyYYPgmhvQNNvW7nIj8EWabyLkSrd8XWJ4j0cRojjv6k2BX9jZgVv9bVPbaSyIvz55EFBLxSrtpsIvoyZmnrc8JItzOwLUuC5gagDwiCig60yawn2TTQqJqWU4We are holding a volunteer recruitment afternoon on Wednesday 5th June.

The event will run from 2-4pm in the Yurt and will include talks from current volunteers, a Q & A session and two short films.

If you are interested in attending this event please register your interest by emailing: volunteering@raystede.org

Many thanks

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