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White Ribbon Day

Monday 25 November

Raystede Backs White Ribbon Day on Monday 25th November
Charity’s project Petlink plays crucial role in helping families escape domestic abuse.

Petlink PhotoRaystede Centre for Animal Welfare is supporting White Ribbon Day, the worldwide campaign to end violence towards women.

Raystede has run the Petlink Project for over 5 years now, helping families flee domestic abuse by temporarily fostering their pets, whilst they are in refuge.

The PetLink Project Manager said, “We all know how people can be abused by their partners or by a family member, but pets are often the silent victim and are often the reason victims remain with the perpetrator.  At Raystede, we believe it is essential to offer this much needed service throughout Kent and Sussex.”

Mandy, who has made use of the service provided by Petlink said: ‘I will always be grateful to PetLink for their help. Without having their support I could still be in a very unhappy and violent relationship. My last relationship was the first (and last) time I have ever experienced domestic violence and I always had the ignorant view of "Why don't women just leave their abusive partners? I know I would".

Leaving a partner like that is so hard and I know that my case was like so many other women's with my dogs being one of the main reasons for staying (aside from financial reasons).’

She added: ‘The whole process was fantastic. The Manager is lovely - really friendly and approachable. I knew the dogs would be placed in the right home because of all of the questions I was asked about them. She kept me updated by phone, texts and even photos sent to where I was staying temporarily.

I was re-united with them once I had found alternative housing and will always be grateful for being able to keep them in my life and being able to escape a desperately unhappy situation.’

Nigel Mason, Raystede’s Chief Executive said: ‘We are proud to support White Ribbon Day and the contribution our Petlink project makes to helping end violence towards women.’

If you would like to find out more about PetLink please contact the Manager either via email – petfostering@raystede.org or by telephone 01825 880478.

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