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Wildlife Month at Raystede

Friday 12 June

Many people do not know that Raystede operates a wildlife hospital that helps many hundreds of injured animals each year.



We have around 30 Hedgehogs a year coming to our wildlife hospital. Most of the injuries are due to garden strimmers that sometimes causes them to lose limbs. So please check your garden before strimming!

We use approx. 40 tins of dog food a year to feed our Hedgehogs.

 In Bonfire season please check all fires before lighting as this is their hibernation time and they could be sleeping amongst your built up fire.

Slug pellets are poisonous to Hedgehogs so keep them safe as they eat slugs and other bugs..

 Garden ponds are also a danger so please make sure that they have a way of escaping should they fall in.

 Never feed them cows milk but do provide fresh water and any type of dog food (but not in gravy) and  dried cat biscuits.

 Hedgehogs can travel through several gardens on  any one night .

 Wild birds

We have approx. 160/170 wild birds needing us to take them in each year species being Corvids, Seabirds and Garden birds .

 To help them along we use approx. 20 kg yearly of meal worms, approx. 25 kg of Bogena each year which contains dried insects, approx.  8 X 510g tubs of hand rearing formula annually for nestlings/fledglings and we use approx. 40 litres of washing liquid yearly to wash the towels etc.

 Our staff use their own time hand rearing nestlings/fledglings by taking them home to feed.

 If you see a fledgling out in the open please check that its parents are not nearby before taking it to a wildlife rescue.

Veterinary costs are thousands of pounds each year for the care and treatment prior to any of these animals release back to the wild.

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