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Winter Wildlife Month

Wednesday 4 November



Come and learn all about winter wildlife this November. 

We have some activities happening at Raystede to help you discover how to take care of the wildlife in the UK over the winter months, including the creatures you find in your garden! 



Winter Wildlife Activity Trail


Follow the winter wildlife trail around site, collect the clues, find the facts and keep an eye out for the wildlife we have here! How many of the sanctuary species can you spot? 



A Talk from The Wildlife Rescue and Animal Service


A special Talk from The Wildlife Rescue and Animal Service (WRAS) on Saturday 21st November at 2pm. 

The Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) is giving a talk about Hedgehog Awareness here at the centre.

Presented by Trevor Weeks MBE, the talk looks specifically at hedgehogs, their ecology, where they live, population, myths, problems, hazards, what to do if you find a hedgehogs and how to help them.

This price is just £4 per person and the proceeds will be split between Raystede and WRAS.

Spaces are limited, to book your space call 01825 880461


Fox With Fur

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