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Dear Friend,

Found as a stray, exhausted and terrified. Help a new life begin for Rosemary and her pups.

Black And Tan PupWe are currently caring for a beagle cross who we have named Rosemary. She came to us as a stray in a state of neglect. She is terrified of people. We can only imagine the awful things that must have happened to her in the past.

We slowly earned her trust and eventually we were able to give her a health-check. It was then that we discovered she was pregnant.

Giving her all the love and care she needed, Rosemary has given birth to 11 puppies and is proving to be an excellent mum!

We are giving her extra food and helping her out with the demanding puppies with some supplementary bottle feeding.

Rosemary and her 11 pups are just one family of over 1500 animals that are in our care as Christmas approaches and we sadly always see the demand for our help increase over the festive period.

Can you help us ensure that we can continue to provide the warmth, food and care for the animals at Raystede and any further unexpected arrivals, like Rosemary’s pups, by making a donation today? Please click here to donate and select Rosemary and her pups from the menu.

Your partner in animal welfare,

  Val SUleski Sig

Val Suleski
Head of Kennels

PS. Please Donate today and help give Rosemary and her pups the happy future they deserve.

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