In Victorian times, Staffies were known as the 'nanny dog' and used to guard babies when adults weren’t around. So how have they gone from being a sought after family pet to the dog most commonly found in rescue centres?

Here’s why:

  • Backyard breeders – people selling puppies to make some money with little concern about the suitability of the homes the dogs are sold into.
  • Media hysteria - constant reporting and hype about Staffies being 'devil dogs' and other such misleading and untrue claims.
  • Popular amongst irresponsible owners – Staffy puppies are cheap to buy, and with their low monetary value, they have become popular amongst young, irresponsible owners who are often unaware of exactly what having a dog entails.
  • Families rejecting breed in rescue centres – sadly, people wishing to be responsible and rescue a dog are often put off taking on the many unwanted Staffies due to the breed’s current low popularity and the misconceptions about their behaviour.

The result: The majority of dogs in rescue centres waiting to be rehomed, or worse, being put to sleep despite being healthy and good natured are Staffies.

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This half term you can visit Raystede with your family and take part in dog themed activities for FREE. Every afternoon you will get the chance meet an ex-Raystede Staffy. When you see how soft and soppy these dogs really are, we hope you will help us to change the way they are viewed and stop so many ending up unwanted, in rescue centres or worse.

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Staffies account for 80 - 90% of the 200,000 stray dogs in the UK annually. Legislation is changing, to make it a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped to improve traceability.

Raystede are helping by holding a free microchipping event on Saturday 22nd February. Just turn up with your dog between 10am - 2pm. If we chip your dog, you’ll get a free pot of tea in our lovely new cafe.   

Watch here to see a year in the life of a Raystede Staffy - including that all important microchip moment

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