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Fundraising Tips & Ideas

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Fundraising Tips & Ideas

There's many different ways to raise money for Raystede and help us care for the animals at our centre. 

Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

* You could take part in a Challenge event. Whether it's running, cycling, climbing, walking, abseiling, gliding, why not do it for Raystede and we will offer you support and guidance along the way. By taking part in an inspiring event and raising funds, you really will be making a difference to the animals at Raystede. 

* Cake Sale/ Tea Party/ Coffee Morning:  Everyone likes to treat themselves now and again, so you could organise your own cake sale, a Mad Hatters tea party, or perhaps a coffee morning to raise funds for your challenge. 

*Wine Tasting/ Cocktail Evening: Lots of people enjoy a tasty tipple now and again, so you could organise your own wine tasting evening or cocktail evening. All money raised could go towards your fundraising target.

*Dress Down Day: Ask your work or school if they will do a dress down day in aid of Raystede?! You could dress up as your favourite animal, or have a Pyjama day and ask everyone who participates to donate £2 towards Raystede and your challenge.

*Pub Quiz: Organise your own pub quiz, or ask a pub that already regularly hold them to do one in honour of Raystede. You can charge teams an entry fee, perhaps hold a raffle while there and even ask companies to donate prizes.


*Car Boot Sale: If you've got lots of items that might be cluttering up your home, then why not organise a car boot sale or join an existing one to sell items and to put the proceeds towards your fundraising target. 

* Organise your own pooch party. You could celebrate your dog's birthday, or another special occasion by holding a party for your four-legged friend and all their furry buddies, raising money for Raystede at the same time. 

* Everyone loves a Sponsored Dog Walk. You could organise your own sponsored dog walk and we will provide you with materials and help you advertise the event.

* Organise a Raffle. You could write to companies for prizes and we will provide you with a letter of authority if needed. 

* Join a public or a private collection. Collections are a great way to raise much-needed funds for us while also generating public awareness of our work. If you are organising a public collection you will need a street licence, which should be applied for a month in advance. If you would like to take part in a private collection you will need to get the written permission of the store manager, station manager or landlord. We can then send you out written permission and any materials that you might need. 


If you have any of your own unique ideas we are always happy to support you and give you any materials that you might need. If you would like to discuss an idea with us then you can contact us on 01825 840747 or email 

Fundraising Tips

* Get your work place involved. You could ask your employer if they operate Matched Giving, which is where they will sometimes donate as much as a £1 for every £1 your raise. You could also see if your work will hold a dress down day, donate a day of annual leave as a raffle prize, or hold a cake sale to raise money for Raystede.

* Raise money at school, college or university. This could be a dress down day, a sponsored silence, an animal themed sports day or any other ideas that capture your imagination. 

* If you are taking part in a challenge, you can download a sponsor form here: Raystede Sponsorship Event FormMake sure you ask as many people as possible and remember most people are happy to support you when they know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Make sure your supporters tick the ‘Gift Aid’ column on your sponsorship form as it enables us to claim an extra 25p in every £1 donated. It really makes a difference!  

* Spread the word about your fundraising as much as you can through making posters, and advertising it on social media sites. If it is a big event you're organising, please contact us and we can even contact the local press for you. 

 *Start early. The earlier you start the more money you will raise. Start today! 

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