Adopt a cat FAQs

Everything you might want to know about our cat adoption process.

How do I adopt a cat?

Adopting a cat is extremely rewarding but is also a big commitment. Each animal has their own individual and specific needs, so it’s very important that you understand and meet their individual requirements.

All our cats available for rehoming are listed on our website with a detailed description of their characteristics and needs, so you can see if you think any may be a suitable match for you. The website is updated regularly with new arrivals, so don’t worry if you haven’t spotted a potential match just yet!

All visits to Raystede to adopt or give up an animal are by appointment only. We accept online applications to adopt an animal and will consider reserves, introductions, and adoptions on a case-by-case basis. Due to the high volume of enquiries being received we are not currently able to respond immediately to every application we receive.

Step 1: Submit your application form

Tell us about your home, lifestyle, experience, and the type of animal you are hoping to share your life with.

Due to the high volume of enquiries we receive, we regret that we are not able to respond to every application but please be assured we have your details.

Step 2: Don’t be a stranger

Once you have registered with us, please keep an eye on our website for new arrivals.

If you spot a cat that you think may be a suitable match, there is no need to submit another application. Please contact us directly to highlight your interest by emailing or by calling 01825 880468.

When animals arrive at Raystede, we get to know them through behaviour and medical assessments. Our expert animal care teams carefully use this information alongside your application to see if the match could be a success.

Step 3: A meet & greet invitation

You will be invited to Raystede to meet any animals who might suit your home. We will discuss the animal's background, health, and behaviour. This sometimes requires a few visits. Please note that booking a visitor ticket to Raystede does not enable you to meet an animal you are interested in adopting.

How much does it cost to adopt a cat?

Adoption fees:

Kittens (up to and including 6 months): £110

Cats (7 months and over): £85

Adoption fees include:

- Neutering

- First vaccination

- Microchipping

- Treated for fleas and worms

- Behavioural and medical assessments

- 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan

- Follow up advice & lifetime support available from our Cattery Team

I don’t have a garden; can I still adopt a cat?

Most of the cats in our care are looking for homes with outdoor access. This allows them to exhibit their natural behaviours such as scratching, climbing, or basking in the sun. Indoor-only cats can exhibit stress or depression if their need to fulfil natural behaviours isn’t met. Occasionally we may have cats looking for indoor homes due to medical issues, this decision will be made with the cat’s best interests in mind.

Don’t have a garden; have you thought about fostering?

We are always looking for cat foster carers to help out with short term cat fostering. We ask that foster cats are kept indoors at all times for their own safety, so homes without a garden are perfect.

Can I visit the cats at Raystede?

Our cattery isn’t open to the public, this allows the cats peace and quiet, helping them to relax. This helps them make a good first impression on any potential adopters who are invited in to meet the cats once they have applied to adopt and been matched with a suitable cat.

You can view all our available cats on our website, this is updated regularly.

I have children, can I still adopt?

Yes! Whilst we are happy to adopt cats to homes with children, we are always mindful to match our cats to the most suitable homes. This may mean that some cats who come into our care wouldn’t suit a home with children. We use an animal’s previous history as well as ongoing behavioural assessments to determine what type of home that animal is looking for. It may take longer to find a cat who is happy to live with young children, but the wait is definitely worth it.

Do you ever have kittens for adoption?

Yes, we occasionally have kittens looking for new homes, however, we have a long waiting list of applicants looking to adopt a kitten. Please complete an application form via our website and the Cattery Team will explain the next steps.

I already have a cat in the home, can I adopt another one?

Yes, we would just be careful about matching your existing cat with a compatible Raystede cat. You’ll need to double up on resources; you’ll need two food bowls, two scratch posts, and at least two water bowls and litter trays. Our Cattery Team can provide advice around introducing your existing family member to a new feline.

Do I need to have a cat flap to adopt a cat from Raystede?

If you are out most of the day, a cat flap is an ideal way to allow your cat to come and go as they please. If you are unable to fit a cat flap into your house, maybe you could leave a window open or provide access to a porch, outbuilding, or other suitable shelter.

I rent; can I still adopt?

Yes, we would just need to see landlord permission to have a cat at the property before reserving an animal to you.

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