Equine Loan to Rehome FAQs

Thank you for your interest in loaning an equine from Raystede.

Each of our equines is special. Their circumstances, history and behaviours are different and, therefore every applicant is considered on an individual basis.

The Loan to Rehome scheme is for people looking to adopt an equine from Raystede. The first year involves taking an equine on loan then, if all goes well, the loan will turn into a permanent adoption.

Most equines available to loan through Raystede are either in their later years or have already been retired for various reasons. For this reason, we will only loan our equines as companion animals and if their companion is worked or ridden we ask suitable measures are in place to ensure they are always accompanied by another equine and never left alone.

Our priority is that the home is suitable for all involved and successfully leads to an adoption after 12 months.

How does the application work?

1. Complete a Loan to Rehome application form via our website and email or post it back to us. If you are unable to access an application form online, please contact our Rehoming team on 01825 880468.

2. If we have a suitable equine, the Equine Team will be in touch to arrange a meet and greet with that animal. During the meet and greet process, there will also be a handling assessment with each equine that you are considering loaning.

Home Checks

If the meet and greet goes well it will be followed by a home check. If the home check is successful, we will complete a loaning agreement and you can arrange to take your equine home on loan.

After the initial home check and after the equine going home with you there will be a minimum of 3 further home visits. We will arrange the first visit at 3 months, a second visit at 6 months, and a final check at 12 months. Additional home checks may be required in some cases. If any issues arise in between the scheduled checks, please do contact the Equine Team who will be happy to assist. We may also telephone you on occasion to make sure that everything is going well.

After the 12 Month Loan Period

Subject to successful home checks, and upon agreement with Raystede, an adoption agreement will be signed after 12 months and ownership of the equine transferred to you to enjoy their lifetime home. At this point, the loan provisions end as the adoption is finalised; the equine’s passport and microchip will then be transferred into your name. Raystede will remain listed as a contact on the equine’s microchip.

The adoption agreement will state that the animal cannot be sold, given to another party, or bred from, and in the case that it can no longer be cared for Raystede should be contacted.

How much does it cost?

We suggest a donation of £200 on commencement of the loan period.

Raystede relies entirely on donations and therefore we welcome any further donation that you are able to provide. This will be discussed further at a later stage in the process.

Why can’t I adopt an equine straightway?

This process allows the equine to settle into their new home and provides security should any issues arise within the first year. During the loan period Raystede has the discretion to decide that they will come and collect the equine as per the terms of the loan agreement.

Can I take an equine on loan without agreeing to adopt it at the end of the loan period?

No. The loaning part of the scheme will not be run in isolation, you must intend to give the equine a home for the rest of their life

Who arranges transport?

You will be required to arrange and pay for any transport needed.

Who is responsible for veterinary care during the loan?

The person loaning the equine will be responsible for all veterinary care and payment whilst the equine is on loan to them. This includes, but is not limited to: farrier, dentistry work, emergency veterinary treatment, vaccinations and worming

Do I have to take out insurance?

We do require that as a minimum you take out 3rd party liability insurance for the horse and evidence of this is required prior to the horse being loaned. A cover note/policy summary will need to be seen and copies taken before we’re able to allow the horse to be loaned.

In addition, we highly recommend that anyone who owns or loans an equine takes out an insurance policy to cover vet fees at a minimum.

Do I have to run every issue past you?

The Raystede Equine Team are here to offer support if needed, but please don’t feel you have to run everything by us! If you have a medical emergency with your equine, please call your vet in the first instance. You can fill us in afterwards if it is something you think we should know about.

What happens if I can no longer keep the equine?

If you have equine on loan from us and can no longer care for it, you should let the Equine Team know as soon as possible. Ideally, we ask for at least three months’ notice if you want to return the equine, this allows us to make the necessary arrangements for taking the equine back into our care.

Similarly, if you have adopted the equine and need to surrender it, we would ask that you contact the Rehoming Team and we will do all that we can to assist the rehoming of the animal.

Can I ride my new horse or pony once it is rehomed to me?

The health of wellbeing of the equine must be your first priority. There may be medical reasons that mean some of our horses or ponies can never be ridden which, if we are aware of them, we will discuss with you as part of your application and add to the adoption agreement. Our donkeys must never be ridden.

If a horse or pony is rehomed to you and you have no reason to believe it cannot be ridden, any attempt made to ride it is entirely at your own risk.

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