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Equine Loan to Rehome

Our loan to rehome scheme is for people looking to adopt an equine from Raystede. The first year involves taking an equine on loan then, if all goes well, the loan will turn into a permanent adoption.

What is Loan to Rehome?

For many years the animals that come into Raystede’s equine department have always remained with us in sanctuary for the rest of their days. Horses, ponies and donkeys are a real commitment to keep, due to the care they need, and they are also one of the most expensive animals to look after. People often ask us to take their equines in, but despite our best intentions to help, it is not always possible because we have a number of our own.

In light of this, we are now making many of our equines available to be loaned out to homes as companion animals; some individually and some in pairs or small groups. Raystede will undertake assessments and home checks both before and after the loan of an equine is agreed, and after a year of loaning you can officially adopt your equine (subject to successful home checks). We will make sure they are just as loved and well cared for as they would be with us. This will then allow us to help more animals in need of space at our site. Then in time, we will hopefully be able to find homes and families for the new animals we have been able to care for and help.

Submit your application form

Please complete an application form to tell us about your home, lifestyle, experience, and the type of equine you are hoping to share your life with.

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We consider applications for our Equine Loan to Rehome scheme from the radius shown on the map.

To apply to rehome an equine:

Please see our Loan to Rehome Information and FAQs, and then complete a Loan to Rehome application form. Once received, a member of the team will contact you to discuss your application.

If you would like more information about loaning one of our equines, please get in touch with our Rehoming Team on 01825 880468 or email

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When Layla arrived at Raystede we were astonished by her condition. This year we have had 1,076 requests to take in dogs, like Layla, who can no longer be cared for by their owners.

This is an animal welfare crisis.

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