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Foster an Animal

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Foster an Animal

Pet Fostering - Be a Pet Foster Carer & Change a Life!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are receiving multiple offers of foster care for which we are extremely grateful. However, we are unable to process applications for new carers wishing to foster during the pandemic.

We ask foster applicants to consider whether they can help longer term and not just during this difficult time. If you may be able to help with fostering after this pandemic, please see below for further details.

Could you foster a pet in need?

· Do you miss the company of a pet but can’t commit to adoption? For example, you might enjoy your holidays or can’t afford a pet of your own.

· Do you have time and patience to offer a pet? Fostering best suits people who are home most of the day, such as those who work from home or are retired.

· We supply you with the necessary training, equipment and support, and veterinary care is provided through Raystede.

· Pets need fostering for a variety of reasons and we carefully match pets with the most suitable foster home, although we find fostering works best in homes without pets or young children.

The length of fostering varies depending on the individual animals' needs but is usually for around 3 months or until the animal finds a new home.

Fostering is hugely rewarding and changes animals' lives.

Dog fostering: we are particularly keen to hear from you if you have experience with large dogs, bullbreeds, or experience helping dogs with more challenging behaviours through positive training methods.

Rabbit fostering: rabbits often need a quiet, rabbit-safe indoor space, such as a spare room, to recuperate from illness or operations. These fosterers must have experience of rabbit care.

Cat fostering: raising kittens in a positive, home environment is very beneficial to their socialisation. Please get in touch if you have experience of rearing kittens, have no other pets, and are home for a large proportion of the day.

How to apply

If you are interested in pet fostering for Raystede, please download the role description below, then return the foster carer application form.


Foster Carer Application

Foster Carer Volunteer Role Description

For more information on fostering, please call our Rehoming Team on 01825 880468 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

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