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News 20.07.20

2020 Virtual Cat Show Winners...

We're very excited to announce that the results are now in for the 2020 Virtual Fun Cat Show...

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone that entered our 'Online Virtual Fun Cat Show.' We were astounded by the number of entries received and by taking part you have helped us to raise an incredible £1,150 for the animals at Raystede. Times are extremely difficult at the moment and we really are so grateful for every single entry, which will help us to continue our work and keep Raystede running.

We would also like to say a massive thank you to our judges who had the impossible task of narrowing down the entries to select one winner and three runner-ups for each category. We fell in love with all of your cats and the photos and videos of your feline friends really did bring us a lot of joy.

I'm sure you're all eager to find out who the winners are and to see the winning photos and videos, so here they are:


Our 'Best In Show' class was judged by one of our very valued supporters who contributed a vast sum of money to our cat enrichment room, so that the rescue cats at our centre have a big adventure playground to enjoy and explore. As there were so many entries, this category was also judged by the fabulous Brighton and Hove Bus Company, who have provided a great deal of support to Raystede.

(Victoria from the Brighton and Hove Bus Company.)

The judges really enjoyed looking through all the entries and found it hard to pick between all the cats, describing them all as so beautiful. They said it was one of the most difficult tasks that they have ever done. However, they managed the impossible task of narrowing it down and here are their winners for the 'Best In Show' category:


Ann Campbell and Crumble (The judges said, "We were all immediately taken by this beauty - such a beautiful face and lovely colour."


Simone Waplington and Max (The judges said, "A beautiful bright eyed young kitten - and a fine photo as well."

Al Gorringe ( The judges said, "The definition of a handsome cat! Such lovely bright eyes and a beautiful coat."

Karen Tondeur and Monty (The judges said, "A black cat face with beautiful eyes - I love black cats and they seem to be so difficult to find homes for."

Special mentions were also given to:

Gemma Wallace, "This cat is so striking, The colour of the eyes against the grey coat made them really stand out."

Helen Igo, "This gorgeous fella made us think of a fierce black panther. We loved how the picture shows his personality."

Helen Ahpornsiri, "A grey/beige/white long hair - great photo - and a beautiful stare."

Abi Rose Jackson, "A proud white cat with attitude I suspect."

Well done to our 'Best In Show' winners and runners up. We will be sending you your prizes in the post within the next few weeks.

Grumpiest Cat

The Grumpiest Cat class was judged by well known comedian and cat lover Zoe Lyons. When judging the category Zoe said, "Congratulations to all the grumpy cats who entered. You are all a credit to the species …. Keep up the great grumpy work."

Here are Zoe's winners...


Bex Banks and Nala ( Zoe said, "This grumpy pud has perfectly encapsulated the mood of the Nation having watched one too many box sets during lockdown. It has the utter look of disdain of a cat that has just sat through all the episodes of Tiger King and wasn’t the least bit impressed. Well done pud… a more grumpy looking cat is hard to imagine.")


Becca Ljundberg and Roy (Zoe said, "Cat in sink. This cat is facing that classic cat conundrum.. loves a drink from the tap but just not that keen on sinks or indeed water. A situation that makes them even more grumpy when they discover that paws aren’t great for turning on taps and they must wait for one of their human maids to oblige and turn on the water at just the correct amount of pressure. Moody moggie.")

Alannah Roberts and Bambi (Bambi was described as, "This feline looks like it has taken part in too many online yoga sessions over the past few months and has by-passed the state of zen and ended up in the state of “Not again with the downward facing dog!” Gloriously Grumpy.")

Teifi Geor ( Zoe said, "Cat in Costume. Well we all know how much cats love a costume.. i.e. not one tiny bit and that is perfectly etched all over this fancy dress feline. Its face says. .. “Honey…. I ain’t no Bee! Now buzz off.” Disgruntled and in disguise.")


This category was judged by a very lovely lady; Linda Barker. Linda is known for being an interior design and is a television presenter. She's also a wonderful supporter of Raystede.

Linda said is was extremely difficult when picking the loveliest ladies, but here are her choices:


Ann Campbell and Crumble (Crumble was a hit with the judges as this beautiful feline also won the 'Best In Show. Linda described Crumble as, "This lady is a beautiful, elegant feline. As gorgeous as a white chocolate, magnum ice cream on a sunny day….")


Liam Brooks and Aurora (Linda said Aurora is, "Statuesque, glamorous and striking, our femme fatale looks every bit as powerful as the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet, who protected the home from evil spirits.")

Sadie Thomas (Linda said, "Our lady is hypnotically beautiful, in the words of Kim Carnes, she’s got those Bette Davis eyes. Dreamy.")

Sylvia Edwards (Linda described Sylvia's cat as, "Perfectly coiffured and looking every bit like a supermodel, this cat woman knows how to strike a pose.")


We were extremely excited to have International Bestselling author Peter James judging the Most Fabulous Fella category. Peter is best known for writing crime and thriller novels, and even gives Raystede a mention in one of his books.

Peter said there was so many lovely kitties. Here are his choices:


Jade Jago and Herbie (Peter said, "Such an elegant cat and amazing eyes."

Laura Simmons (Peter described Laura's cat as a, "Helpful puss.")

Caroline Cullen (Peter said Caroline's cat is a, "cheeky puss.")

Holly Chandler and Chester (Peter said that Chester was a, " Beautiful colour.")


For our Chattiest Cat category we had a judge that excels in talking herself; Zoe Ball. Zoe Ball is an English television and radio personality. She was the first female host of both The Radio 1 Breakfast Show and The Radio 2 Breakfast Show for the BBC. Zoe also adopted kittens from Raystede.

Zoe said it was not an easy decision at all to pick the Chattiest Cat winners and her daughter Nelly gave her a hand in choosing.


Sarah Dyer (You can see Sarah's 'Chattiest Cat' by clicking on the link. Zoe said, "Sarah couldn't get a word in edgeways with Tilly - and that's why we had to choose her as our winner. Gorgeous Tilly with top cat chatter!")


Abi Rose Jackson (You can listen to Abi's chatty cat by clicking on the link.)

Suzy Harrison (Zoe said that Suzy's cat got extra points for creativity and you can see Suzy's chatty cat in action by clicking on the link.)

Anna Day (To see why Anna's cat was a runner up for the chattiest cat category, click on the link.)


For the most Most Appealing Eyes category we had David Hill and Lukas Wojcik as our judges. They are from E3 Events and are wonderful Raystede supporters. David recently ran a Half Marathon for Raystede and raised roughly £1,000.

They said, "It was a very difficult decision because all cats were beyond cute."


Bex Banks and Kova


Elisabeth Naylor and Bessie

Holly Chandler and Teddy

Liam Brooks and Aurora

The judges also wanted to give a special mention to June Stewart for her entry of Kneesa.


This category was judged by extremely talented, Brighton based fashion designer Gresham Blake. Gresham said, "Gosh, how difficult," when speaking of judging this category.


Vicky Clynes and Holly (Gresham said that this happened every day to him during lockdown and that he could relate to it very well.)


Flo Wadey with Chino and Mocha (Gresham described this pair as, "So cute and peaceful."

Holly Chandler and Chester (Gresham said, "Nice trick but keep your distance."

Rachel Hudson and Lemmy (Gresham said, "How can you social distance when they get you first thing in the morning.")

A special mention also goes to Victoria Scarfield, as her cat was awarded the 'Salvador Dali' prize by Gresham, as they were arguing whether Victoria's cat was stuffed or not.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up. We will be posting out the rosettes and goody bags very soon. Thanks again to everyone that entered and took part and helped us raise a massive amount for the Raystede rescue animals.

If you would like to contact us at all, please message To see more of our upcoming events and ways you can support us, follow this link.

From the animals and team at Raystede we hope you take care of yourselves and stay safe and hopefully we will see you back at our centre when we reopen to the public. Thank You for all your support!

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