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Please help Belle receive the gift of sight this christmas

A donation today can help Belle receive the surgery she desperately needs

My name is Belle and for three years I was unable to open my eyes, since arriving at Raystede things have become brighter but I am not yet out of the dark.

I need special surgery to help construct my upper eyelid and allow me to see.

Can you help me?

After three long years of being completely blind I was brought to Raystede, their vet checked me over and noticed that my eyelids were deformed and I could not open my eyes. Upon further inspection she realised this was something that could potentially be fixed so she performed surgery to open up my eyelids and create a gap so I could see out a little bit. For the first time in my life I could see the world around me. The smiling, kind faces of the cattery staff at Raystede made me feel so safe and loved.

A donation from you will contribute towards the surgery to help me see.

Being a cat, we are best known for our glowing, all knowing eyes. Those big eyes that can see everything, 24 hours a day no matter the hour. Our eyes allow us to prowl in the shadows and become ninjas of the night. I want this more than anything!

The inability to use my eyes has made me nervous of people, loud noises startle me and I am confused and frightened.

Unfortunately, despite the miraculous surgery to help me see as much as possible, I am missing my top eyelids. This means my eyes become very dry and I still don’t have the full extent of my sight back. I am unable to blink properly so my eyes get sore and itchy. There is always risk of infection so the staff have been working hard to ensure my eyes are clean and moisturised by administering liquid drops numerous times a day. It’s very uncomfortable and scary when the drops go in but the people are gentle when they do it.

I urgently need specialist surgery before I can find a home. Please help me by donating what you can today.

A vet who is an eye expert has said she can perform the surgery to construct my upper eyelid and open up my eyes fully so I can see. I dream of being allowed outside to fully experience the world and catch leaves blowing in the wind. I will be able to see whoever might adopt me and I will be able to fully enjoy my own home where I will never have to be fearful again.

The surgery required is going to cost £2,000. Could you donate towards my eye surgery? Once this has been done I will be closer to finding my forever home. Please give me the gift of sight this Christmas and help me find a home.

Lots of love, Belle

Donation Hotline: 01825 840 747

Any extra donations will go to all the other animals at Raystede that need medication and specialist care throughout the winter months.

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