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News 21.05.20

A Fizzy Fundraiser!

Welcome to our new corporate partner, Tickerage Sparkling Wines

We are delighted to announce our new Corporate Partner, Tickerage Sparkling Wines.

Blackboys Vineyard is the ultimate hidden gem in the Sparkling English Wine world. It produces limited quantities of high quality Sparkling Wine every harvest. The ultimate goal is to give wine enthusiasts a unique experience that has to be sought out and discovered. So Tickerage cannot be found in any supermarket, instead it is available online from

Blackboys vineyard was set up from scratch in 2007 by husband and wife team, Zena and Anthony. From the 5 acres under vines, the couple specialise in creating small batch runs of hand-crafted Sussex sparkling wines including a Blush, Blanc de Blancs and Classic Cuvée that have tremendous depth of flavours as they have been left to age for a minimum 5 years.

Zena and Anthony have partnered with Raystede to help support the charity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are offering a discount to Raystede supporters, donating a £1 per bottle sold to Raystede and supporting the charity with prizes for online events.

'We also completely understand the financial impact this pandemic has had on the local economy. Prior to lockdown, over 95% of our Tickerage Wines and Cyder were sold to the hospitality sector including local restaurants. I have had to have a crash course in social media to try and spread the word that we are open, have a new website with online shop and can safely deliver our Sussex fizz to directly to our customers door.’

Helping Raystede is particularly poignant after Zena and Anthony lost their beloved dog Tango. As a pup he enjoyed darting in and out of the vines, but as he became older - and slightly more chilled, he used to love relaxing in the sunshine looking out at the vines from the decking.

Zena says 'From personal experience, we know how expensive it can be to care for a dog . We spent thousands on treatments for Tango when he was diagnosed with cancer. So we appreciate Raystede’s concerns that there could be a huge upsurge in people surrendering their animals post lockdown for financial and other reasons and this will put added economic strains on the charity.'

We are delighted to have Tickerage Wines on board. To take advantage of the offer, simply enter 'Tango' at checkout to receive 10% off your order and Tickerage will give £1 from every bottle sold to Raystede. You can visit the website by clicking here

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