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News Animal Rescue Live 12.08.19

Animal Rescue Live at Raystede: The lead up...

Animal Rescue Live: Super Vet Special will be hitting your TV screens live from our equine barn at Raystede!

As some of you may know we have been preparing for Animal rescue Live: Supervet Special to be filmed LIVE from Raystede.

Channel 4 filmed the first series two years ago. This was when we first started talking to Blast! Films who are the production company that make Super Vet. They decided to film from Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter for that series but we did feature some of our animals and they did lots of filming at Raystede which meant they began to know our site and our staff. Did you see Buttons & Bramble the disabled rabbits? They found a home.

Fast forward two years and Animal Rescue Live: Super Vet Special will be hitting your TV screens live from our equine barn. Yippee!

Raystede costs £8000 a day to run, it’s tough to raise this kind of money and we are always working hard to raise vital funds and come up with fun fundraising ideas for everyone to get involved in. Animal Rescue Live is focused on helping rescue pets right across the country find homes but they are also encouraging people to donate. Without donations we simply would not be able to stay open and help so many animals. It’s only because of YOU and our other supporters that we are able to help so many animals every single day. Even £1 will help us buy a packet of cat treats, we use a lot of teats, especially when our animals have to visit the vet!

No donation is too small. It All goes towards caring for the animals that need us. If you are able to donate today please donate HERE. Our animals thank you and so do we.

We know you love our animals but we also know you’re interested in the presenters and what they have been getting up to. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, Kate Quilton and Steve Jones have been very busy! Over the past few months they have travelled the length and breadth of Britain visiting rescue centres everywhere. They want to help lots of animals find homes and so do we.

We first met Steve about a month ago when he came to Raystede to do some filming with our tortoises and small animals. We tried tried to film with our chinchillas, but they were pretty speedy and ran away. We finally filmed with Marble, a very friendly and beautiful rabbit who has now found a home. Steve learnt a lot about us and the work we do throughout the day that he spent us.

We then met the other presenters in London for a press day. Exciting! Noel was exceptionally friendly and unsurprisingly LOVES animals just as much as we do. He really wants to make a big difference and help rescue centres not only home animals but also get more donations to fund our work and to encourage people like you to volunteer too. We always need volunteers. You can find out more about doing that HERE. Kate is lovely, she can’t wait for the week of filming to get started and she is even going to see what fostering a rescue pet is like. Fostering is important to help animals that aren’t coping so well. Our fosterers are superheroes but we always need more. You can find out what fostering entails HERE.

Well, you can probably tell that we are excited abut the filming! Keep checking back for more info about what’s been going on and what to expect. And, of course, watch the show on Channel 4 at 8pm Monday 12th – Friday 17th August 2019. Bye for now!

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