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News Animal Rescue Live 13.08.19

Animal Rescue Live is go!

Wow! What an incredible first day!

We welcomed some celebrity guests to our centre, first up it was Super Vet Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, he did an interview with Good Morning Britain featuring Sonny & Skye who are looking for a home together. You can see their rehoming video HERE. Please share it to help them find a forever home together.

Sonny & Skye haven’t featured on TV before so our Kennels Manager Val stayed on the interview sofa to provide reassurance and help them come to terms with their impending fame. Once the cameras got rolling and the nation fell in love with them they didn’t mind so much. Noel held their paws and they got into the swing of it pretty quickly. We then welcomed Steve Jones & Kate Quilton on to our rescue centre site. Kate is being joined by Skye throughout the week. Skye is such a celebrity now, Kate needs tips from her. Sonny can be a bit of a limelight thief because he likes to sing. Being a husky x collie, he really does have the most wonderful voice but not everyone appreciates it as much as us. So, his wife Skye is chaperoning Kate around the site throughout the week. It’s important these two do find a home together so please don’t forget about Sonny when Skye is on the TV. He’s waiting patiently for her to return back to their kennel once she has finished a hard days filming.

Steve has been to Raystede previously and gave a big intro about our history. Did you see it? Then The ‘special’ guests arrived. Martin Kemp and his wife Shirley helped to administer some mite prevention treatment to our ex-commercial hens. We would certainly give Marten a job, he was great with the hens and our kennel dogs adored Shirley. We currently have 150 rescue hens all looking for homes, if you think you could home some of our hens you can find more info HERE.

Marten Shirley

Finally, handsome but boisterous Zak (the staffie) joined the presenters on the interview sofa. He was very excited and did a bit of barking to let everyone know how happy he was to be on set and in such great company. We are hoping Zak will find a home this week, we have heard that Professor Noel Fitzpatrick himself might even neuter Zak if he finds a home quickly. Zak isn’t so keen on that idea but hey, if anyone is going to steal your crown jewels it might as well be Noel.

We hope you’re having as much fun watching the show as we are hosting it. Please keep sharing our social media posts to help lots of animals find homes. And, please please, please donate if you are able to. We simply could not keep going without your generous donations.


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