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News Animal Rescue Live 14.08.19

Animal Rescue Live: Our Kittens Need You

Our orphaned kittens need you!

Six teeny tiny kittens were brought to Raystede two weeks ago. They were so young their eyes were not even open yet and they were all huddled together in a box. The person that brought them to us could not find their mother, so they were clearly orphaned and alone.
Our staff have been caring for the six kittens around the clock and syringe feeding them by hand. It’s tough work bringing up kittens but someone has to do it, and that someone is us! We couldn’t do it without your help, though. Kitten milk is surprisingly expensive, and we are using a lot of it. Please DONATE today and help us to give these gorgeous little furballs the best start in life.

Noel and Steve could not cope with their cuteness. They pretty much sat and kissed the kittens all day. We can’t blame them, we do a lot of that too. These little guys are not going to be ready for adoption for a while yet. They need to be weaned, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. We have plenty of other cats needing homes HERE.

Make sure you watch the show tonight because there could be some BIG news about Skye and Sonny. Kate adores them, we are pretty certain she wants to steal Skye but we are keeping a close eye on them, and so is Sonny. They must stay together and Kate is working really hard to make sure they go to a wonderful home.

We were really excited to be joined by Olympian Greg Rutherford and his dog Gus. He’s pretty inspirational and we hope that he will inspire you to jump onboard and get involved in some of our CHALLENGE EVENTS. He’s a great advocate for rescue rats too, who knew! Sparrow looked rather snuggly when Greg was holding him. Do you think Sparrow and his friends will find a home before the end of the week?

Stay in touch, keep giving us your thoughts and feedback abut the show, but most importantly please keep donating. We really need to raise vital funds and only you can help us do that.

Bye for now!

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