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News Advice & Tips 17.07.18

Top tips to protect your rabbits in the heatwave

If you have outdoor rabbits, please make sure that you are extra vigilant in this prolonged hot weather. Medical problems can escalate fast in rabbits and prevention is always better than cure. Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat this Summer.

Water; access to clean, fresh water is vital for any animal but use bowls rather than drinking bottles. Rabbits will get more liquid from them and are more likely to keep hydrated. The water should be kept out of the sun so it does not warm up and should be cool but not freezing. Ice cubes are also a bad idea as they can cause issued with the digestive system.

If you have rabbits with very pale skin, please don't apply sunscreen as they are likely to ingest it but licking it off. Access to plenty of shady and covered spots where they can shelter is a far more effective solution. They may be a little sluggish during the hottest times of the day so will want to be able to lie down or stretch out comfortably but will want to exercise as it cools.

Frozen water bottles, battery operated fans and specially designed cool pods are all great was to help your rabbit find relief and keep safe. You can also use netting to prevent biting insects. Please also be on high alert for Flystrike; flies love this kind of weather and they are everywhere. Keeping your rabbit's bottoms clean and dry is very important to prevent this horrible and potentially fatal infection.

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