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News 05.02.20

Can You Lend Us An Ark?

This Winter has felt like one long, wet slog and the impact on our animals has been significant.


Large areas of our sanctuary have been unusable for months now due to the heavy rains making them a quagmire. This has meant we have had to move most of our poultry including Gregory Peck the turkey and his wife Mistletoe into temporary accommodation. We have lost tiles off the kennel roofs, mature trees around the sanctuary have come down in high winds and the exotic birds are spending most of their time indoors, huddled near the heat lamps. Our lake burst it's banks making it a giant paddling pool for water loving dogs like Buddy and even more space for the ducks to explore but it's caused havoc for our site and it's less than ideal for the rest of our other animals.

Please donate today to help us recover from the persistent wet weather

One of the worst affected animal sections has been Equine. The fields are absolutely waterlogged, the ground is ruined in high footfall (or hoof-fall) areas and the barn is bursting at the seams as all the horses, ponies and donkeys must be stabled at night to prevent them standing for hours on saturated ground. We are getting through record amounts of hay and bedding to keep everyone warm, fed and entertained.

Any donation no matter how small will help us greatly

A few of the older field shelters have started to rot due to the endless wet conditions and are now in urgent need of replacing. January was an incredibly tough month for everyone and this one has hit us hard. We still need to meet all the day to day running costs such as medication, feed and utilities and our resources are being stretched to the absolute limit. Please, if you can spare anything to help us repair some of the winter damage, donate today. It will make all the difference to us being able to meet the needs of the animals that rely on us for their safe keeping.

Your support means Purdie and our other animals will get plenty of straw and hay whilst we recover from the terribly wet winter. Thank you!

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Donate now to help us rescue & save more animals' lives.