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Raystede is a place of discovery...

Known as a ‘hidden gem’ in Sussex, Raystede is full of surprises and one of the most diverse and magical animal rescue centres in the UK. 

As a charity, it's entry by donation (whatever you can afford). 

As you enter to explore the 43 acres of beautiful countryside that make up Raystede, you'll hear our 140 exotic birds. You may even get a “HELLO”, “WEIRDO” or even wolf whistle from one of the birds! 

Come and learn about animals and how to care for them - We welcome visitors to come and meet the animals both those that are waiting to be rehomed and those that live in ‘sanctuary’ with us, meaning they stay here for the rest of their days. 

There are tortoises to see and you might even catch some of our terrapins sunbathing! Our friendly ponies, horses and goats (we call them our equine herd) often come to the fence to say hello.

Entry and parking are FREE, however we are a charity, so a donation is very much appreciated, ensuring that we can continue to care for the rescue animals who need our help. 

Animal Fun 

Would you like to know more about our work, how we run the charity and how you can help to rescue and care for animals in need? 

Weekend Activities

At weekends the animal fun continues, with expert talks from our animal care staff about the animals in their care, often including a tour.  

Every Saturday you can get to know our goats, meet our chickens and join guided tours of the cattery and rabbitry. 

Every Sunday enjoy a close encounter with our donkeys, experience one of our exotic birds up close and personal and meet a current rescue dog waiting for a home.

The animals that we find #foreverhomes for are rabbits and small animals, dogs, cats and hens. Sometimes these animals have been mistreated or neglected, so it’s part of our work to help people understand how to care for them properly. 

Whilst walking around the centre you'll come across our large rabbitry and see the bunnies hopping around, going about their daily business. In the cattery cats and kittens might be hiding in their beds or playing in their outside area, enjoying the sunshine. Rescue dogs are often out for walks around site or receiving attention from our volunteers. 

There’s plenty to keep an eye out for.

Weekday Activities

During term time join us every Mon - Fri at 12.15 for a free guided tour of the site.  Allow one of our experienced members of staff to show you around our 43 acre site, and introduce you to some of our furry and feathered residents.

During school holidays we offer free family activities at 12.00, 1.30 and 3.00pm.  Play games, make treats and experience behind the scenes tours to learn about our animals and how we care for them.

Come & Explore the Magic at Raystede! 

Visit all the sections to see which animals you can see. 

Look out for our 'sensory safari trails', join in some activities, then grab a coffee & delicious cake (gluten free if you prefer), or a spot of lunch in our cafe.

Sensory Safari

Our sensory safari is a special trail around the site which changes to a different animal theme every month. It's available every day at Raystede - 

Are you prepared to don your animal detective mask and follow the clues around site? What will you discover... 

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the answers, follow your nose to find the smell box, dare to put your hand into the 'feely' boxesWhat will be waiting for you inside?!  

Trails cost £2 from our visitor information centre, which includes your trail sheet, pencil and an animal detective mask.

Also keep your eyes on our events page, which is updated regularly, as we have a wide selection of one off events held at Raystede all year long! 

We all look forward to welcoming you at the centre very soon. 

PS - Order Your Free Pet Care Guide Here

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Donate now to help us rescue & save more animals' lives.