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News 19.09.18

Do you have space for a dinky duck?

We have recently taken on a large group of Call Ducks whose owner was moving house and was unable to take them with her. These sweet little birds are an ornamental breed with a dwarf gene making them a perfect miniatures of regular ducks. They are easily tamed and extremely pretty, coming in a range of beautiful colours including a soft silver which is particularly attractive. Unlike chickens, it is the females who are the chatterboxes while drakes are largely silent.  Call ducks make wonderful pets and are now available for re-homing in pairs and groups as, like all birds, they need the company of their own kind to be happy. 

Call ducks need a small pond to swim, play and clean themselves in. This can be a  permanent structure in the ground but make sure its cleaned regularly. They will also need a shed or small duck house filled with bedding such as horse shavings to keep them secure at night and protect them from predators such as foxes. 

Unlike chickens they do not put themselves to bed at dusk so you will need to put them away at night and let them out in the morning. They also have little fear of traffic so you will need to make sure they cannot get onto the road! In return they will reward you with eggs, be excellent pest control for slugs and snails and generally amuse you with their antics and adorable looks! 

If you think you can give a home to some of these little cuties, please have a look here: Adopt a Hen

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