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News 28.05.18

Do you have your Own Place in an Event? Why not do it for Raystede?

We would like to support you in your fundraising efforts and appreciate any money you raise for us...

Raystede receives no government funding and over 2,000 animals come to Raystede every year! This is a lot of animals to care for and feed. We must also ensure that each and every animal has plenty of enrichment and that all their welfare needs are met, whether they live in permanent sanctuary with us or whether they are with us until they go on to find their forever homes.

We could not carry on providing this care and running Raystede without your help. We rely entirely on voluntary donations and really appreciate any money we receive from our supporters!

One way you can help us is through taking part in challenge events for Raystede. If you are already signed up and have your own place in an event whether it be a run, cycle, swim, trek, walk, climb, skydive or any other challenging activity we would love to hear from you...

If you're not already signed up to do the event for another charity, why not do it for Raystede? Any donations we receive really are vital to us, whether you raise £10, £100 or £1,000. As you have your own place there is no fundraising target and we are thankful for any money you manage to raise. 

We can send you a welcome pack, which will include sponsor forms, as well as a Raystede vest or t-shirt. We will also offer you support on the lead up and after the event. All you need to do is phone us on 01825 840747 or email to tell us what challenge you are willing to undertake for us!


Did you know that for every £20 we receive, it could help us to care for a dog in our kennels or a cat in our cattery for one day?! Every £100 could help cover the cost of vital veterinary treatment when it's needed and for every £3,500 we could care for all the small animals at Raystede for one week! 

This year our own place supporters have already helped us to collectively raise roughly £6,000, which is absolutely fantastic! Their challenges vary from having a monthly dip in the sea, running half and full marathons, taking part in skydives, doing the 3 peak challenge, the South Coast Challenge and the London to Brighton challenge. 

We will invite all our fundraisers to our 'Fundraiser of the Year Awards' where there will be winners and runners-up for a variety of categories, and for people that have really done an outstanding job fundraising for the animals at Raystede, we invite to a special behind the scenes tour.

If you would like to take part in an event for Raystede, then contact us today by phoning us on 01825 840747 or emailing

Alternatively, to view all our Raystede events coming up you can follow this link. 


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