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Do You Need to Rehome Your Pet?

Whatever the reason for considering giving up your beloved pet, Raystede is here to help. 

We won't judge you - Please read this and watch the video before advertising your pet online, otherwise you could be unwittingly sentencing them to unnecessary pain and suffering! 

Sometimes a change of circumstances means that parting with an animal is necessary and we always suggest that owners act in their pet’s best interests. Occasionally this means rehoming a preloved pet. 

We won't make you feel embarrassed when you come to us to rehome your pet. With the welfare of the animal our priority, we'll support you through this challenging time and do all we can to help. 

There's been an increase recently in owners' advertising animals through 'buy & sell' pages online, such as Preloved Pets and pets on Gumtree. Also through social media, for example by creating a post on Facebook, often stating ‘free to a good home.’ 

Choosing this option may seem like a good and easy solution for desperate owners, but it is fraught with risks for your animal. There is no way to guarantee the authenticity or the intentions of the buyer - If the animal isn’t neutered, it could be used for breeding (this is common). In this case your pet may be kept in a box in the dark, and made to produce litter after litter to be sold. It's a very cruel practice and happens more often than people realise. 

Additionally, your pet could become the victim of dog fighting or animal abuse. It’s unlikely that an owner can safely visit and check a potential new home, and once the animal is out of your care you have no control over what happens to it. 

Giving your pet to Raystede is a better alternative - It protects the safety and welfare of all the animals and people involved. Once in our care, owners can be reassured their pet is in good and loving hands. 

Animals arriving at Raystede will receive a vet check and a behaviour assessment before we begin the process of finding them a loving, new, forever home. We also offer ongoing support and advice to new owners once the pet has been adopted, so you can rest assured that your furry friend will have a happy life! 

Although you can make a donation when you rehome your pet with us, there is no necessity to do so if finances are an issue for you. 



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