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News Animal Rescue Live 15.08.19

Donations mean we can continue our work. D.A.V.E is the message!

The ongoing message throughout Animal Rescue Live is being outlined by the acronym D.A.V.E. This stands for Donations. Adoption. Volunteering. Education. We are open to the public almost every day of the year because it gives us an opportunity to educate everyone about our animals. We run free activities throughout the holidays to teach people all about pets and we also try to help people understand that there is a huge amount of responsibility and also costs involved when owning an animal.

We do get a lot of people visiting Raystede but this does not always amount to DONATIONS and to put it simply, we cannot care for all the animals that we do without donations from you. We take in pregnant animals, old animals, ill animals and those that have behavioural issues. We keep them for as long as it takes to rehome them. The only time we put an animal to sleep is if they are in pain and it’s the kindest option for the animal in question.

The baby guinea pigs that were filmed with Jamie Laing last night were born at Raystede. They were the second litter their mother had in quick succession, it’s so important that animals are neutered to avoid unwanted litters and we do our best to spread this message far and wide when our visitors are at our centre. We will look after the little guinea pigs until they are able to leave their mum and be rehomed. We are also caring for their Dad as they came in as a family but he has been separated from them so that they can’t make any more babies! He is in the enclosure right next to his family so he can still see and smell them but there is no bedroom activity able to happen.

Mr Laing also had a quick trip to our cattery before he was whisked off onto the TV set. He had a cheeky cuddle with Zuki & Marmalade who have now found a home. Hurrah! We still have plenty of other CATS that need homes though. Make sure you tune in tonight to see them being introduced to their new family.

It’s safe to say that Marnie the Frenchie stole the show. Being so calm and cuddled up to Noel on a rainy day made her irresistible and we were inundated with applications. It looks like she has now found a home so please do not apply for her. Our dear old friend SASSY also featured but because she’s older and a staffie the world is not so kind to her. She has been with us for over 7 months and no one suitable has applied. We have had barely any applications at all. She’s a wonderful dog and loves cuddles. The popularity of Marnie and lack of interest in Sassy is proof that we have a long way to go for the nation to fall in love with older dogs that have a breed stereotype attached to them. During the rehearsals Sassy was covering Noel with loads of kisses but she got a bit distracted during the live show and decided to focus on chicken in the enrichment tray instead.

Please keep sharing Sassy’s posts. We really do hope she finds a home from the publicity Animal Rescue Live is providing. it will be a very happy day indeed when she does finally find a family that will love her and provide her with everything she needs.

Without your donations we would be able to continue caring for older animals like Sassy. Please do consider donating it will make a huge difference.

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