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News 02.01.18

FREE Daily Guided Tours...

Raystede is excited to announce that we will now be giving FREE daily guided tours of our beautiful site

Come to Raystede and hear more about our work and the life stories of some of our furry and feathered residents...

These will take place on Monday to Fridays during the term time at 12.15 p.m. 

In addition to these tours, we run three animal related activities a day during the school holidays and at the weekends you’ll hear from the animal care staff about their work and you’ll have an opportunity to meet some of our lovely furry, feathered and reptilian residents.

The new guided tour will last approximately 45 minutes and invites you to join us on a visit to the different animal sections, guided by one of our experienced team members who will be sharing what goes on behind the scenes at Raystede as well as introducing you to some of our unique residents.

What to expect…. We meet outside Visitor Information, next to Mrs Raymond -Hawkins, our founder and the inspiration behind everything that you will experience on your tour.


You may catch a glimpse of Blue, George & Sydney, a few of our exceptionally smart cockatoos and hear about their lives here at Raystede. You’ll be greeted by a chorus of “Hellos” as you enter the aviary section.

Tip toe through the rabbitry with us and hear more about our bunny bonding service which ensures all Raystede rabbits go to their new homes with their forever friends. Visit our new state of the art Cavy Cabin, home to our guinea pigs. 

Meet some of our horses and donkeys enjoying their happy retirement on our 43 acre site. You’ll probably hear the donkeys braying before you see them! Can you spot Lizzie and her gigantic ears with her best friend Dot?

And finally, during the summer months, we visit the tortoise and terrapin area where these ancient creatures roam. Did you know the oldest tortoise on record was 184? See if you can guess the age of some of our resident tortoises. During the winter time you’ll need to tip-toe past as they are all sleeping in their sheds.

You can finish your tour off by having a lovely cuppa and cake (vegan options available) in our lovely warm café.

We welcome all our visitors to Raystede and are proud to offer these new guided tours so you can learn more about our work. 

For further information about our free daily activities, please visit

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