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News 31.01.18

Give A Pet A Present

We are always totally amazed by the generosity of our supporters and very grateful for everything that you donate to us. Sometimes however we are asked if there is something specific we would really like for our animals and for this reason we have created an Amazon Wish List. Its full of things that we use every day and there is something for every section from the smallest mouse to the biggest horse and everything in between. You can view the list here; Raystede Wish List

While we love receiving your donations and gifts,  there are unfortunately a few things that we cannot accept. The most common one we are asked about is bedding; duvets, sheets and pillows are not suitable for the animals. This is because they can often chew them or tear them up and there is a risk they will then ingest the fabric which could lead to a medical emergency. They are also very bulky to store and for this reason they sadly aren't suitable for the shop either.

Unsealed pet food, small animal bedding or medication is also not accepted due to the risk of cross contamination. If any of these items are unopened, we can gladly accept them. We do take newspapers and dog towels but as we receive lots of these its incredibly helpful to us if you can just give us a ring first to check we have space to store them. .

The great thing about the list is that if you'd like to buy the animals a gift it can be sent straight to us. Equally we are always thrilled to meet our supporters so gifts in person are most welcome to! Thank you! Raystede Wish List

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