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News 13.11.18

Give a Pet a Present-Take Two!

Our Amazon Wish List gets a make over in time for Christmas!

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the incredible response we have had to our Amazon Wish List since we launched it at the start of the year. Our amazing supporters have donated everything from food to toys to medical supplies. Our horses, donkeys and ponies have been kitted out in brand new rugs and our dogs have chased multiple Frisbees!

From the tiniest dwarf hamster to our largest equine, Dennis, no one has been forgotten. You have made a massive difference to so many lives. Thank you!

As the response has been so incredible and following your feedback we have decided to create separate lists for different Animal Sections so that everyone can browse and find what they need quickly and easily. Whether you can spend £5 or £50, you are helping us take care of unwanted, surrendered and abandoned animals and giving them a second chance at life. Every gift matters.

Sadly, we cannot always get in touch with you to say thank you directly as under GDPR rules, we don't have your permission and Amazon does not give us a direct address to contact you at.

We always try and take photos of the animals enjoying some of the goodies they receive for our Facebook page so please keep an eye out but if you'd like a letter in the post or a phone call, please just get in touch with the Fundraising Team on and we will be happy to help.

Here are the new lists and once again, a huge thank you from everyone at Raystede, both four and two legged!

Kennels Wish List

Cattery Wish List

Small Animals Wish List

Sanctuary Wish List

Equine Wish List

Aviaries Wish List

Peaceways Wish List

Education and Veterinary Wish List

Thank you!

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