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Giving Up Your Pet Isn't Something to Be Ashamed Of - Help Us Spread the Word...

Millions of people across the UK own pets - Many of them will, at some time, be forced to consider giving up their animals...

We need your help! Please SHARE this post along with the hashtag #Heartbreak2Happiness, to raise awareness and prevent animals suffering needlessly. 

The term for giving up a pet is 'surrendering'. For more information see our page on surrendering your animal - Surrender a Pet

It's heartbreaking to consider, and there are many reasons why an animal may need to be surrendered - From dementia, to relationship breakups, moving somewhere that the animal cannot go, or just simply that the animal is no longer wanted! 

Often, when considering 'rehoming' a pet, people will turn to various online websites to advertise, or share on social media. Some sell their animals, while many others will post with a message "free to a good home". However this approach is fraught with risks for your animal - You never know where your pet will end up, and they could be used for fighting, breeding, be subject to horrific abuse & cruelty, or worse. 

At Raystede we want to make sure that every surrendered animal is safe - As soon as an animal arrives with us, we start the process of finding them their new, loving #foreverhome

Rescue centres are often thought of as miserable, joyless places, however with Raystede all our animals have a positive, fresh start! 

At Raystede we have some of the best animal care facilities in the UK - Including big, airy kennels, runs for the dogs filled with toys and paddling pools, 2 storey rabbit hutches (mansions!) with gardens, cosy cat units and a team of over 100 volunteers to provide grooming, exercise, activities, love and care! 

If you missed it please watch the VIDEO about what happens once an animal arrives at Raystede, and then SHARE using the hashtag #Heartbreak2Happiness to help us to stop the suffering. 

Thank you! 

PS - If you see any family or friends trying to give their pet away, please ask them to talk to us first. We won't judge but will give lots of useful advice & support, and will help them to rehome their animal if needed. Call us on 01825 840252 for more info. 

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