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News 01.08.19

Introducing Our latest Corporate Partnership-TrustedHousesitters!

Working with our corporate partners to give animals a better life

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with TrustedHousesitters. TrustedHousesitters connects owners with like-minded animal lovers who will stay with their pets whenever they go away. This allows owners to travel safe and secure in the knowledge that their pets are cared for and happy at home, and gives pets the stability and consistency they need.

While TrustedHousesitters is here for all animals regardless of their history, it can be an excellent solution for rescue animals. Pets who have been rehomed from centres such as Raystede may find going into kennels or catteries stressful and destabilising. Some animals such as poultry may need a very specific set up, meaning the choice of boarding facilities is limited and may not even be available in the area. Most animals thrive on routine, so having a sitter can make for a happy time apart, for both pet and owner.

"We are proud to support the wonderful work of the Raystede staff and volunteers through our partnership. TrustedHousesitters was built to provide pet care that keeps pets safe and happy at home, so the wellbeing of all animals is close to our hearts and we look forward to helping their dedicated team continue their invaluable work. Together, we can continue to keep rescue pets feeling safe and happy and find their forever home." Angela Laws, Community Manager

From the 1st of August 2019, TrustedHousesitters will be offering a special 25% discount on membership to all new Raystede adopters who use the code WELCOMEHOME. And for every member who joins using the Raystede promotional code, TrustedHousesitters will donate £5 to Raystede! Together, we can give animals a better life.

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