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News Success Stories 24.09.20

Meet Millie!

Our gorgeous new goat who is melting our hearts.

We could not believe our eyes when we first met Millie!

A beautiful fourteen-year-old angora goat…but she was painfully thin; her eyes were dull, and she had no lust for life.

Millie became emaciated because she was unable to eat anything with two front teeth that were loose. Her coat was heavy and matted, giving off a rather pungent smell in the summer sun, her feet were overgrown, she was un-vaccinated, un-wormed and one of her horns was growing into her eye. This horn could have caused serious injury and potential blindness. It was clear that without immediate intervention, Millie would have starved to death.

The veterinary practice who also treat our large animals asked us to step in and help. They were able to give her immediate relief by trimming her overgrown feet, cutting the ingrowing horn and treating her teeth but she needed a new home if she was to have a chance of surviving.

Millie is now at Raystede receiving plenty of TLC and easily digestible food. When she is out of isolation, she will be introduced to the rest of the herd. We have no idea when she last saw another goat!

It’s truly heart-breaking to see an elderly animal in such a tragic condition. Millie was wary of us at first but in just two weeks she is like a different goat. She’s confident, taking cabbage from our hands, coming over for chin scratches and adores food.

Trying to get Millie to eat properly was hard. She had been fed a lot of human cakes, which hold no nutritional value, so she was suspicious of food actually meant for goats. Slowly, she realised that this new food is rather delicious and now she skips over to her feed bowl.

Considering that Millie was on deaths door when we first met her, it’s remarkable that she is already so spritely and happy in herself. It’s astonishing what good food, love and patience has done for her in such a short time.

Unfortunately, Millie isn’t quite out of the woods yet and just as we thought we were making progress, one of her horns painfully snapped off, right at the base of her head. This happened because she has been so malnourished for such a long time it’s caused her horns to become brittle. She bled a lot when it happened and it’s still very sore, but her vet is keeping a close eye on it. We hope Millie can forgive us for bandaging and disinfecting it. She wasn’t very happy!

We are already completely in love with Millie and we hope you enjoy following her journey with us. If you are able to contribute to her care by donating today, we would be extremely grateful. We wouldn’t be able to help old goats like Millie without your support.

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