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News 14.02.19

Neutering Saves Lives

The scent of Spring in the air means just one thing for the Cattery Team at Raystede; the start of kitten season. From March to September we will expect to see a long stream of pregnant mothers, queens with litters and even orphaned kittens who have been abandoned, rejected or otherwise separated from their mothers.  While kittens are doubtlessly adorable and we always have many eager adopters waiting in line to give them happy new homes, there is a darker side to kitten season that many people are not aware of. 

The tragic truth is that giving birth can still be a high risk activity to both mum and babies and the consequences when things go wrong can be very serious indeed. Failure to take action and neuter cats, both male and female can ultimately cause serious injury and even death. 

Beautiful Waddle was a sweet female cat who came to us heavily pregnant. She had already been a mother in the past and had become pregnant again when her previous litter were just eight weeks old. Waddle gave birth to three adorable kittens a few weeks after arriving at Raystede and although she was an exceptional mother, we quickly realized something was wrong.

It quickly became apparent that multiple pregnancies had caused Waddle massive and permanent internal damage and she was unable to urinate or poo by herself. She had to manually expressed which was distressing and painful for her and the very tough decision was taken to have her put to sleep to end her suffering, depriving the kittens of their mother and Waddle of her life

Thanks to the dedication of the cattery team and foster carers who devoted themselves to Waddle's babies, they have flourished and will soon be heading of to loving new homes, returning to Raystede to be neutered and spayed when they are old enough. 

Sadly for Waddle, the happy future that should have been hers with a loving new family was not to be. Neutering is a low risk, routine operation but is incredibly important for the health and welfare of pets. Please, don't let Waddle's sad passing have meant nothing. Ensure your cat is neutered and prevent this heartbreaking situation from repeating itself. 

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