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News 11.10.20

2020 Virtual Horse Show Winners

We're very excited to announce that the results are now in for the 2020 Virtual Horse Show...

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone that entered our 'Online Virtual Horse Show' and we apologise about the delay in revealing to you the results. By taking part you have helped us to raise vital funds for the rescue animals. Times are extremely difficult at the moment and we really are so grateful for every single entry, which will help us to continue our work and keep Raystede running.

We would also like to say a massive thank you to our judges who had the impossible task of narrowing down the entries to select one winner and two runner-ups for each category. We fell in love with all of your horses and the photos of them really did bring us a lot of joy.

I'm sure you're all eager to find out who the winners are and to see the winning photos, so here they are:


Our 'Best In Show' class was judged by Jenny Fodder and her colleagues at M & S in Brighton. Jenny has been championing Raystede's cause and raising money for a brand new weighbridge, an essential bit of kit that will allow us to track the body condition of our equine herd, both monitoring health and meaning we can prescribe exact medications. Thanks to Jenny and the wonderful team at M&S, who kept fundraising right through lockdown, we are taking delivery of our new weigh bridge very soon!

Jenny said, "It was a difficult one to judge because there were so many entries and everyone had different favourites." In the end M & S Brighton went for:


Sophie Papi - Jenny described Sophie's entry as, "Handsome: definite black beauty vibes, absolutely gorgeous and so elegant!"

Runner Ups

Charlotte Haman- When judging Charlotte's photo, Jenny said, "Handsome: beautiful horse, amazing picture."

Laura Henderson- Jenny described Laura's horse as, " prettiest mare: stunning mare, really lovely colours."

Jenny and her team at M & S in Brighton would also like to give a SPECIAL MENTION to Hollie Mcphie, and described Hollie's horse as an, "Golden oldie: so cute, all of us fell in love with him/her!"


The judges of this category were the wonderful Giles and Juliet Stibbe. Juliet is the illustrator and author behind 'Nimrod: A Cavalry Black-From Foal to Retirement', House Pony- An ABC of Horsemanship' and the award winning 'The Easternmost House'. Giles is the Director of the Household Cavalry Foundation. Giles feels he is qualified to judge as he points out 'As a Heavy Cavalryman / Mud Monster I’m channelling Flanders & Swan’s Hippopotamus Song “… Mud, mud glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood …”

Giles and Juliet said that there was stiff competition for the Muddiest Monster, but here are their choices:


Jess Cornwell - Giles and Juliet picked Jess' horse as they said, "A properly muddy grey is always a joy, especially with such a good "look how muddy I am" face."

Runner Ups

Laura Henderson - Giles and Juliet gave Laura's entry, "Extra points for the superb muddying of the feathery feet."

Tiea Jones - Tiea's horse was described as having a "Beautiful photogenic face and impressively muddy but just pipped by a grey and some feathery feet."


Judging 'Most Neighbeline Mane and Tail' we have fabulous Raystede supporter, event rider and former trustee of the British Horse Society, Victoria Whiteman. As the owner of three greys she is only too aware of the challenges of achieving a neighbeline mane and tail!

Here are Victoria's choices:


Gill Clark- Victoria said that Gill's horse, " Has the best example of a long, thick, flowing mane and tail and is clearly immaculately maintained (no pun intended)."

Runner Ups

Marie-Anne Oliver- Victoria said Marie Anne's horse's, "mane is really a wonderful sight to behold - the horse looks like it has just stepped out of the salon.

Laura Stacey- when looking at the photo of Laura's horse, Victoria remarked, "What a lovely thick tail, very good for swishing flies with I would imagine."


Judging the Prettiest Mare category is the incredible Team Tatt. Olympic Medal winning event rider Gemma Tattersall, her father Chris who sits on the board of directors for British Eventing and her mother Marcelle who is the organisational powerhouse behind the whole operation form Team Tatt.

Team Tatt said it was very hard to choose the prettiest mares, but here are their choices:


Jackie Peterson

Runner Ups

Paige Glover

Gill Clark

Team Tatt would also like to give a special mention to Amy Porter.


Team Tatt also judged this category. Again, they found it almost impossible to choose between all your handsome horses, but here are their winners:


Jasmine Boniface

Runners Up

Sophie Papi

Marie-Anne Oliver

Amy Checksfield has also received a special mention for all her entries.


Judging 'Golden Oldie' we had our wonderful Equine Vets, the team at Cinder Hill. Dan and his amazing colleagues take exceptional care of our golden oldies at Raystede, many of which have complex age related conditions and need the best of care which Cinder Hill never fail to deliver.

The team at Cinder Hill came to their decisions after after much deliberation and heartache.


Jasmine Boniface Dan and his colleagues said, "Great to see a ‘Golden Oldie’ out and obviously having so much fun. Staying fit and active in later years has obviously kept him young at heart. Keep it up!"

Runner Ups

Paige Glover The Cinder Hill team picked Paige's horse as they said, "Still looking good and strutting his stuff in his veteran years. Great to see a ‘Golden Oldie’ getting dressed up and enjoying a party."

Emily Aisbitt Emily's horse was described as, "A lovely big old horse looking great in the spring sunshine. He looks like he’s come through the winter in great condition ready to enjoy a summer- hope you were able to enjoy this summer!"

Special mentions go to

Ummara Wright: "A lovely horse in great condition and some wonderful photos."

Ali Styles: "A really handsome venerable person. Carries off the salt and pepper look with aplomb!"

Jackie Paterson: "You can see the character oozing out of the photo of this feathery friend!"

Katherine Neylan: "Someone enjoying a lie in and rocking the bed-head look. A horse after my own heart!"


Judging 'Worst at Social Distancing' is the legendary eventer William Fox Pitt and his TV Presenter Wife Alice. What a thrill to have not one but two decorated eventing stars on board!

Here are their choices:


Samantha Newman (You can't get any worse at social distancing than this!)

Runner Ups

Lizzie Chamberlain (Click on the link to watch the video. The pair are without a doubt inseparable.)

Ali Styles (Ali and her horse and dog are not even a cm apart, never mind a meter...)

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up. We will be posting out the rosettes and goody bags very soon. Thanks again to everyone that entered and took part and helped us raise money for the Raystede rescue animals.

If you would like to contact us at all, please message To see more of our upcoming events and ways you can support us, follow this link.

From the animals and team at Raystede we hope you take care of yourselves and stay safe and hopefully we will see you back at our centre soon. Thank You for all your support!

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