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News 14.08.19

Our Wonderful Charity Shop

Sue Ryder manages our charity shop. Find out what her job entails…

As one of the retail managers, I run the Raystede Charity Shop and my day is nothing if not varied, but the part I enjoy the most is meeting our supporters who donate goods to us.
I would like to say a big thank you to each and every one of them for their amazing donations to the charity shop. The consideration shown in donating good quality items to us and the benefits from selling them can be seen throughout the centre in our excellent animal care as every penny of profit goes directly into helping the animals in our care.
You can join the amazing brigade of existing supporters donating goods; here’s a few pointers on becoming a fabulous donor:

Ask yourself, would someone want to buy this item? Is it clean and in a good working condition? Is it useful? Is it collectable? Have you seen something like this for sale in our shop before?

If the answer is yes to all of the above, then we would love to have it thank you very much. You can donate your goods during Shop opening hours which are 10am until 4pm every day.

Gift Aid your items and raise even more money for the animals. Can you GIFT AID is another good question that you can ask yourself? If you are UK tax-payer, then YES you can Gift Aid and that is even better for us. For every item that we sell with a gift aid label the government gives us an extra 25% of the selling price and over the course of a year this all adds up to be a substantial sum. It doesn’t cost you anything to Gift Aid but it helps us a great deal.

You could try thinking of us as a very posh recycling centre!

PLEASE remember that although we get paid a nominal fee for some goods (clothing and books) that we either can’t or don’t sell in our shop, there are many things that actually cost us a great deal to either recycle or waste. Please do not donate goods that we cannot sell. We do have a full list on our website of things that we would love to receive from you and a list of things that just cannot accept.

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Also of course please remember that we have legal standards and requirements that we abide by. There is a website where you can check the legalities of what we are allowed to sell and some advice These could be helpful to you when deciding what to donate to us.

Another great way to help the animals here at the centre is to donate us some of your time. I work with volunteers every day and whilst we work hard, we also have a great time together. Our volunteers are the heart of the shop and it would be impossible for me to run without them. How do you feel about joining the team? You will need your own transport and you will have a great time with us. There are a variety of jobs to be done every day from sorting donated goods and steaming the clothing to using the till and merchandising the shop. Most importantly, whatever task you take on, you will be helping the animals. If you are interested in joining us in the shop, then we have some spaces available for afternoons and weekends. Please pop in and fill out an application form, I would love to see you.

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