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News 16.03.17

Pooch Parties for Raystede

This year we are launching Pooch Parties for Raystede, and are looking for dog lovers to host their own Pooch Parties!

You could organise a Pooch Party in honour of your four-legged friend's birthday, or perhaps for a re-homing anniversary or merely to celebrate having these wonderful creatures in your life!

If you decide to host one, we will send you a special organiser's pack and will give you tips on how to raise money from the party, which will help us care for the dogs and other animals at our centre.

For more information please follow this link, and if you would like to host a Pooch Party, please register by following this link and we will then be in touch and send you your organiser's pack. 

Keep your eye out as well for seasonal Raystede organised pooch parties, which you will be more than welcome to come along to!

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