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News 26.09.20

Protect Your Pets from Fireworks

There's a huge bang the likes of which I've never heard before... It's so loud! 

I panic. What is it? 

Is someone trying to break in? There must be a threat... 

Suddenly, another bang. This one sounds even louder to me. 

I'm really scared now. 

I run around the house terrified. I look for my human mum, but I can't find her! 

Another bang... 

I start barking, but the crashing doesn't stop. 

Finally, I cower under the table. My heart is racing and I'm shaking... 

Protect your pets from fireworks

Image courtesy of Mike Burke

It's Firework Season - Protect Your Pets From Fireworks

To us this time of year is fun, with Halloween parties, Guy Fawkes night and beautiful fireworks to look at. But to our pets it can be a terrifying and distressing experience. 

We humans have a responsibility to protect our pets from fireworks.

A quick Google search will show the consequences fireworks can have for dogs, including death and severe injury - Click here to see what can happen when dogs are not protected from fireworks

However fireworks and loud noises can affect ALL animals, not just dogs. Protect your pets from fireworks. 

Cats, horses, donkeys, small animals and even farm animals associate loud noises with danger and are likely to become distressed, and all need to be protected from fireworks. 

protect your pets from fireworks

How to Protect Your Pet From Fireworks

Don't leave your dog or cat alone when there might be fireworks - You won't be around to monitor their reaction and keep them calm. Out of site is not out of mind in this case, some of the worst injuries can happen when pets are left alone during fireworks season. 

Stay calm yourself - Dogs especially pick up on our reactions. So if you're stressed it's more likely that your pet will be too! 

Stay in and cosy up with your pet - Why not make it a cosy night in for the two of you... Close the doors, windows and curtains, grab a steaming mug of something and have a cuddle fest with your favourite furry friend. Now is a good time to watch a film as the noise of the TV can help drown out any bangs. 

Make sure your pet is with someone you trust - If you'd like to go out and watch a firework display yourself, then make sure your pet is with someone you trust to take care of them. Never leave them alone. 

Give them a hidey-hole - Be sure to provide your pets with a safe place they can retreat to, should they become scared. For dogs who are used to being in a crate this is ideal and you can even cover the crate with blankets to make it feel extra secure (NB: never put a dog in a crate who isn't already crate trained). 

Consider moving your pet to a different location - If you know that there will be fireworks near to where you live, consider shipping out for the night. You and your pet could indulge in a night away - Check out the best pet friendly hotels here - Or perhaps just go and stay with family or friends. It's especially wise to move horses to a different location if you know that there will be a display near to your yard. 

Help them to stay calm - There are many ways you can help your pet stay calm during fireworks. Leave a radio on, talk to them using a soothing voice, play with them, stroke them or even distract them with treats. You can also use a calming spray designed for animals (available in pet shops). 

Finally, if you see an animal that's in distress during fireworks, be sure to alert the owner. 

The tips above will help you protect your pets from fireworks so that you can enjoy the winter season. 

Protect your pets from fireworks

Image courtesy of Filipe Dos Santos Mendes

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