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News 05.03.18

Puppy farming; is the end in sight?

Will you join with us in one final push to help stamp out the cruel practice of puppy farming once and for all? 

We are joining with other rescues, welfare organisations and countless individuals in signing a new petition to finally bring #LucysLaw into force. Puppy farming is a cruel and exploitative industry entirely funded by greed. It produces sick, poorly socialized puppies and is responsible for causing misery and suffering to thousands of dogs every year. Nursing mothers are often kept in squalid conditions with little or no veterinary attention, over bred and often dumped when they can no longer produce puppies. Parents are not health tested meaning adult dogs can pass on a horror house of hereditary health problems to their puppies with popular pedigrees such as French bulldogs and pugs at particular risk. 

Unsuspecting individuals are often sold puppies that die with weeks or even days of coming home or, if they survive into adult hood, have a host of health and behavioral issues as a result of such a poor start in life.  Campaigners have long been fighting for an end to third party sales of puppies and the sale of puppies without their mother present which would effectively bring an end to puppy farming. 

This is the next step in bringing an end to this brutal business. The new petition needs 100,000 signatures to be debated in parliament. Will yours be on there?

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