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News Needs a home 20.04.17

Freedom at Last!

Finally, after months of quarantine, our hens are loose again in the sanctuary! 

All of our hens had to be kept inside during the avian flu epidemic, and we adhered to the guidelines set out by DEFRA to prevent the disease from spreading. 

We are pleased to report that our hens are back outside now, enjoying scratching and pecking in the sanctuary enclosure. They are very happy. 

In other news the handsome Cockerel featured at the top of the page is seeking a new home!  

People are often worried about adopting cock birds due to the potential noise or ending up with lots of unplanned chicks! 

It's always sensible to check with your close neighbours before welcoming a cock bird. Most like to crow in the morning! However some are more vocal than others, so if you'd like to adopt a Cockerel (or add one to your existing flock), then talk to our wildfowl team. 

Preventing lots of chicks is easy; simply remove the eggs when they've been laid. The big advantage of having a cock bird is that hens like having them around - It can be hugely beneficial to their wellbeing.

We have lots of beautiful boys at Raystede looking for homes, of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. 

We do have some Cockerels like this sweet little bantam who is rather timid. We also have some splendid, feistier gentlemen, better suited to larger, rural properties.   

Our knowledgeable team will be happy to advise you. Adopting a cockerel from us will mean you are freeing up the space for another bird who has nowhere to go.

Contact us on 01825 840252 for more info. 

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