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Support animals like Lucy, Millie and Betsy this Christmas!

Please help us to give rescued animals like Lucy, Mille and Betsy the care, food, warmth and love they deserve this Christmas.

Our doors have remained wide open to animals that need care through both national lockdowns; and we have continued to receive requests to take in more dogs, more cats, more horses and ponies, and many other animals.

We would like to introduce you to just three of the animals we have recently taken in to show you how your incredible support really does change lives.

Lucy came to us as a young stray cat, heavily pregnant and delivered seven of the cutest kittens imaginable just a few days later.

It costs just £37.50 to pay for a few hours of care for mums like Lucy.


Over Christmas, Lucy and her kittens will be looked after by one of our 'super foster' families meaning they will be perfectly looked after in a home envornment through the festive season.

This Christmas, Raystede will be a sanctuary to animals that have nowhere else to go. We would hate to turn away an animal we could help. But the reality is, we can only welcome them if we know we can care for them properly – and give them a safe, warm place to live while they’re here. So, please, a gift from you today can help rescue an animal in need and give them the chance to find a new and happier life.

Millie is one of the many animals we will be caring for over Christmas.

£120 will feed all our animals including Millie on Christmas Day.


Our animals need to be kept warm through the cold months, we have panel heaters and heat lamps for animals that who really feel the chill, like betsy who was half bald when she arrived.

Our heating bill averages £162 per day in cold weather.

It’s a struggle to pay the heating bill alone when it’s bitter. A donation from you today helps to ensure our animals are comfortable and warm through the cold months.

Betsy is a 6-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who came to us in a heart-breaking condition.

£60 would pay for specialist veterinary care that dogs like Betsy desperately need.


This Christmas, there will be many more ‘Lucys’, ‘Millies’ and “Betsys” who will arrive at our doors, some in great distress. They will need all the care and love Raystede has offered animals for nearly 70 years. But we will need your help.

The care, support and feeding are essential to the recovery of the animals we take in – and that’s what we’ll deliver through any gift you choose to make.

Please, if you can, donate today. Thank you!

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