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News 30.10.20

Animals like Elsa, Mavis and Seamus urgently need you!

We need your help today – be a part of our team and support our animals through these extremely difficult times.

Today, we are asking for your help to give love and care to a new wave of abandoned animals. we would like to introduce you to a few we’ve cared for over the last few months and show you how your incredible donations help us.

Elsa is a beautiful golden retriever who came to us during the peak of the pandemic, at just 15 months old. Born in a shed and kept outside her whole life, she was scared and constantly on edge, so deep was the emotional damage she suffered as a puppy.

£48 could buy the medications, food and toys a puppy like Elsa needs.

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Today, at Raystede, she’s become much more confident, happily snoozing in her kennel or lounging around. Elsa will need a little extra support for the rest of her life, but, in time, we’ll find her a new home, with a new family that will give her the life she deserves.

In the next few months, we’ll see a surge in the number of animals coming to us for help. In the financial crash of 2008, as people lost incomes, we were inundated with requests to rehome pets. In 2020, we’re bracing for an even starker picture. As job losses increase, it’s often the animals who will suffer first – and we’ve already begun to see this.

Mavis was dumped outside Raystede’s gates in April; she was in a bad way, suffering from fleas and worms, with a nasty ear infection. With our care she rapidly improved and then – in June – she found her forever home. Her new family tells us Mavis enjoys being treated like the queen she believes herself to be

£29 would pay for the first hours we spend with a cat like Mavis, checking her health, settling her in and giving her a good first meal.

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We urgently need money to pay for food, bedding and veterinary care. Many animals we meet are in a bad state and will need time and money to bring them back to health before we can help them find a new home.

The reality is that we can’t keep our doors open to the animals who need us if we don’t have enough money to pay for their care. So, please, we are asking you to give an urgent gift today. Every penny will be spent rescuing an animal in need and giving them the chance of a new, happier life.

Seamus came to Raystede in 1996 and needed a lot of care from the vet and farrier; vaccinations, worming and treatment for conjunctivitis. Over the years Seamus has had trouble with his eyes and hay fever (the horse equivalent) – but still not bad for an old boy (we think he’s around 40 years old).

We could never re-home Seamus now but – thanks to the support of people like you – we’ll make sure he has a good life in the time he has left.

£182 could pay the vet’s bills for an old horse like Seamus for 3 months.

On average, it costs Raystede £782 to successfully re-home an animal. That's not a small amount, but the difference in an animal's quality of life, between arriving for the first time and then leaving or its new home, is remarkable – and, I’m sure you’ll agree, money well spent.

Please, if you can, donate today. Thank you!

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