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News 25.07.17

Raystede Dogs and Children

It’s a common misconception that rescue dogs are unsuitable for young families. Prospective adopters may worry that an adult rescue dog may not be safe around their children or that they will be rejected outright by rescue centres due to a policy on not rehoming with under-fives. As a result, many parents with small children feel their only option will be to buy a puppy from a breeder.

This could not be further from the truth. When a dog arrives at Raystede, a rigorous assessment is undertaken to establish what might be the best home for that dog. This includes taking into account their age, any health concerns, and their past. Some dogs have come to us because they may have been unhappy living with children in their previous home so it would be inappropriate to place them in this situation again. Some may be a little too boisterous or simply worried by children which, to a dog, sound, smell and move quite differently to adult humans.

We never turn away a family with young children because we think they cannot provide a loving home for a particular dog but because for that dog, it simply isn’t the right fit. Every decision we make is with the welfare, happiness and safety of the dog and prospective adoptive family in mind.

The good news is we do often get dogs in who are perfect for a young family. Some dogs genuinely love children and would be a happier in a home with them than without. While it might mean waiting a little longer for your new addition to the family, it will be more than worth it. Just keep an eye on adoption pages and sooner or later, the right dog will come along.

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