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News 18.08.18

Saving Ripley - Urgent Appeal

She couldn’t see, she couldn’t hear, she was in immense pain. She was terrified and her life was at risk. 

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We had to help her. 

We come across some heartbreaking cases at Raystede. Neglect and abuse are not uncommon, but we were utterly shocked when a big hairy dog in an appalling state, walked through our doors. 

It was clear this shaggy, smelly and very frightened dog needed our our help. 

Underneath all the filthy, matted and frankly smelly hair, Ripley was an incredibly skinny. She's a ten month old English sheepdog/bearded collie cross, and was in fact, only a pup. 

So far in her short life she'd only known neglect, pain and abandonment. 

She had so much hair covering her eyes she couldn’t see. We tried to move the hair away from her eyes but she was terrified, shaking and backing away. It was clear she had no idea what on earth was happening to her and just wanted to run and hide

We urgently need donations to help provide care for Ripley. 

It was clear Ripley needed to gauge her surroundings as best she could, so we let her rest in a comfy kennel with lots of blankets, balls and stuffed toys to comfort her. We made sure she had water and good nutritious food to eat. 

All these things may seem trivial but these seemingly basic items marked the beginning of a new life for Ripley.

Safe at Last!

While Ripley settled in, our kennel staff sat near her, spoke to her softly and helped her to understand no one would harm her. 

She was incredibly nervy, skittish and obviously very confused. Gradually she relaxed and allowed our staff to stroke her gently. 

Whilst building up her trust and giving her tummy rubs a large lump was noticed. Ripley was rushed to our vet and we found out she had a very large and potentially life-threatening hernia. We knew she had to receive surgery as her life was at risk. 

However Ripley wouldn't let anyone near her thick, matted coat. It was too painful and she was far too nervous to approach her with clippers. 

So it was decided she would be clipped whilst anaesthetised. She needed to be spayed and have her hernia removed, so we knew the clipping would have to be done at the same time, as quickly as possible. 

It's dangerous to keep a dog unconscious for too long, so we were against the clock! 

We needed to clip all her hair off as close to the skin as possible because it was such a mess. It took FOUR members of staff, all armed with clippers to get to work on Ripley’s coat. 

Our veterinary nurse cut back the hair around her ears and whilst doing so, she realised that Ripley’s ears were also completely clogged up with a foul smelling mass of hair, grease, wax and bacteria. It was then we realised she had an infection in her ears too. 

Phew, What a Relief! 

Once the task at hand was eventually completed, Ripley was woken up and given time to recuperate in her comfy kennel. 

What happened next was unbelievable! 

The world was certainly an an overwhelming place when Ripley came to. For the first time in months she could see and hear, but she knew she was in a safe place and amongst people she could trust. 

Ripley literally began to shine. It was almost like she was smiling from the inside out. 

She bounced around and wagged her tail in appreciation. 

Now, just a few weeks later, she's a bouncy fun-loving pup who runs to staff members for cuddles! We never imagined we'd see such a huge transformation. 

Despite everything she has been through, she’s a truly remarkable dog and we love her to bits. 

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Thank you for your support 

Val Suleski ~ Kennels Manager 

Ripley says THANK YOU! 

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