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Thank you to all of our Volunteers!

The hard work of our volunteers is beyond what we could ever ask for. They are truly amazing!

This volunteers’ week, we would like to say thank you to each and every one of our amazing volunteers. Even though they aren’t onsite with us right now, they are still going above and beyond to support us. Whether that’s fostering our animals, doing their own fundraising or even helping to source judges for our virtual shows, they really are helping to keep us going. The roles of our volunteers range from animal care to gardening, working front of house to helping with fundraising, and even working outside, whatever the weather, to keep the site looking good. From 2018-2019, our 147 volunteers gave 14,439 hours of their time to help Raystede. That incredible figure just shows they give us more than we can ever repay.

All our volunteers are committed to giving animals a better life. Their generosity allows Raystede to care for all of our animals, either while they are waiting for their forever home or for those who are living with us. Not only does volunteering help make a difference, but also gains many new skills and experiences that will last a lifetime.

So, to all of our volunteers, thank you. We miss you all!

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