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News 05.12.20

The animals at Raystede need your help more than ever right now

The coronavirus outbreak has created huge challenges for us as a charity and we can't survive without you

Your support means we can continue helping animals like Dotty, Girly and April...

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Dotty and her adult daughter Girly, arrived at Raystede shortly before the lockdown. They were both victims of abuse and neglect and desperately needed a safe place with us at Raystede. Their fur was matted, filthy and smelly. Girly is blind in one eye due to a previous injury going untreated and Dotty was strapped to a skateboard, both dogs had been used as toys.

We believe they had also been exploited as puppy farming mums, both appearing to have had several litters. Both of these beautiful girls were extremely nervous, traumatised and wary of people. It took us almost three weeks to build up their trust and finally touch them long enough to do a thorough health check. Whilst doing the routine check we realised that Dotty was heavily pregnant.

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Dotty was understandably terrified of any human contact, so our animal care team were anxious about how best to care for her during labour, especially if she had problems. The last thing they wanted was to make her even more stressed.

After everything they’d been through together, Dotty and Girly were inseparable. However, our team were aware that when Dotty gave birth, Girly might feel abandoned by Dotty and even harm the pups. So the difficult decision was made to temporarily separate Dotty and Girly.

Sadly, one of Dotty’s puppies died as he was very weak and had multiple issues, but the staff named this little boy Spring. However, as you can see below, she is a doting mum to a gorgeous little girl called April.

April when she was first born

Whether it's dealing with difficult situations like this, keeping the horses and alpacas well fed, or changing bedding for the rabbits, we are determined to make sure the animals get the best care possible. But we urgently need your support.

We promise that we will do everything we can to keep homeless pets like Dotty, Girly and April safe during this crisis. But we simply can’t do it without you.

April is getting very fluffy!

Mum and pup are doing well in a foster home. Slowly but surely, Dotty is learning to trust her foster family and we’re hoping that Girly can be re-introduced to the family when April is a little bigger. She is currently enjoying going for walks with Sol who belongs to a member of our kennels team.

Sol and Girly

A donation from you will help us pay for all of April's vaccines

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