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News 08.11.18

The Pitter Patter Of The Tiniest Of Feet...

Cinibun recently arrived at Raystede with four minute babies in tow. She had been bought off the internet heavily pregnant and her new owner felt completely overwhelmed by the idea of trying to care for the new family. The kits were just a few days old and had not yet opened their eyes on arrival.  Like their mum, the team named in celebration of Bake Off. Croissant, Yum Yum, Strudel and Macaron to be precise!  

While baby rabbits are undoubtedly cute, this little family represents a worrying trend in small animals. In our September newsletter, we shared a similar story of Possum the dwarf hamster who had also been bought unseen from the internet and gave birth shortly after arrival in her new home. The web is no place for trading pets of any kind; it is fraught with danger for sellers, buyers and most importantly the animals themselves. We would urge anyone considering taking on a small animal to visit a rescue centre as their first port of call. 

For now, Cinibun and her kits are safe in our care. It will take a few months for the babies to be weaned from their mum, spayed and neutered ready for re-homing. Cinibun herself will also be spayed once her kits have left her to prevent any more unplanned pregnancies and allow her to be bonded with a neutered male. This presents months of dedicated care. 

If you think you can help us look after these little balls of fluff and start them on the journey to being well adjusted, healthy and loved pets, please donate today by clicking on this link. Thank you!

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