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News 23.05.18

The Sanctuary gets a make over!

There is nothing better than seeing content, happy animals. So when a new project reaches completion it’s a very exciting time. The Sanctuary area has recently been revamped and releasing the hens, geese, cockerels, ducks and turkeys back into their upgraded enclosure was a joy to see. They now have a variation of terrains to explore which allows them to get up onto various levels, dig in the dirt, peck around in the shrubbery and they also have a little pond to swim in or have a bird bath.

Our feathered friends also have new hen houses of varying sizes for the birds to roost in and we have converted a disused horse box into a shelter where members of the flock can get comfortable if they wish to.

Whilst the The Sanctuary was undergoing its makeover we asked for donations of trees. Our fabulous supporters kindly donated a total of twenty-seven trees via our Amazon Wish List which was phenomenal.  We needed fruit trees to attract wildlife and willow trees to soak up water from the ground, which will hopefully help to prevent flooding.

There was a huge amount of ground work to do in order to complete the newly improved Sanctuary and with so much to do we always appreciate some extra help. We run a scheme called Helping Hands, where corporate companies can spend a day getting stuck in with necessary jobs around the site. Luckily for us Propellernet were one company that were more than willing to put their gardening gloves on and help us plant the trees.

So, The Sanctuary is now complete, and we can’t wait for everyone that kindly donated trees to see the saplings flourish.
The Sanctuary is now a true haven for all the birds that will being living in it permanently and those that will be rehomed. We have a number of hens and cockerels in need of homes.If you are interested in rehoming any of these birds please contact Rehoming.

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