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News Advice & Tips 25.03.19

Thinking of adopting a kitten?

Are you looking for a kitten? Throughout the year we get lots of inquiries about kitten adoption and its not hard to see why. Adorable, playful bundles of fluff full of mischief and cuteness, kittens seem like a brilliant option for a pet. But like any animal, taking one or two on is a huge commitment, financially and emotionally so its important to consider a few things before taking the plunge.

Timing: Kittens are generally born during the warmer parts of the year; from about April through to September. Although climate change has affected the timings a little, its unlikely we will have any kittens available for adoption during the late Autumn, Winter and early Spring. If you are considering adoption, its important to factor this into your planning.

A suitable environment: We do not rehome kittens as indoor cats. This is not because we don't think people with no outdoor space won't love their kitten, it comes down to the nature of kittens themselves. All too often we have indoor cats bought to us as a result of behavioral issues such as becoming destructive, marking in the home, even aggression as the owners feel they are frustrated and need the stimulation and freedom of a garden.

One or two? We will not home a single kitten where they will be left alone for eight hours while people are at work but we would home a pair together as they are company for each other. If you are only wanting a single kitten, the rule is being left for no longer than five hours per day, four days a week. Two kittens can mean twice the fun but remember you are taking on twice the amount of vets bills, food, vaccinations etc as one so consider the financial impact carefully. Cats can live up to 20 years so its a long term commitment.

Other Pets: Do you have other pets? Would an adult cat accept another feline in the house, even if its young? Do you have a dog? Will they accept a kitten? Other animals may have become used to having your attention all to themselves and resent the intrusion.

No animal should ever be given as a present or a surprise. Lack of research and planning often leads to problems and heartache so always make sure everyone involved knows what they are taking on and is happy to commit to it. Kittens need lots of socializing and enrichment from the day you bring them home and while gorgeous and fun to have they can be demanding and high maintenance! Our Cattery team are always more than happy to give advice and help if you have questions or concerns. Just pick up the phone or pop in and see us, seven days a week from 10 am till 4 pm.

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